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Vladimir M. came to us in a very bad condition 6 years ago, after having lived on the street for many years. By the grace of God he has found faith and prayer, quit drinking, found a job. Now he regularly helps us feeding the homeless,



Helen is not substance - dependant. She is a very well-mannered and educated person that had fallen victim to circumstanes and lost her dwelling. Our fund helped her quite minimally but she was touched and started helping feed and clothe homeless people.




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Alexander died from overdose. Wanted to quit substance abuse so badly... his soul was seeking Christ. Unfortunately, his life ended too soon. Pray for the reposed Alexander!



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Map of New york homeless deaths



Every day homeless people are in danger on the streets of Brooklyn. How many are gone without a trace, without a memory. If you are aware of a homeless person passing away, let us know so we can grow our online commemoration board. But above all lets pray for them!

News & Events

8:45 pm on Tuesdays - team leader br. Jesus Firmin is in charge of feeding homeless at Brighton Beach ave station, exit Brighton 5th street.


7pm Thursdays - Very rev. Spiridon and very rev. Zachariya are in charge of feeding homeless on 4th brighton street, in the gazebo on broadwalk. (brigade from Georgian Orthodox Church - We are deeply thankful to them!)


5-6 pm on Sundays - team leadership Patrick Martin is in charge of feeding homeless at Brighton Beach ave station, exit Brighton 5th street.


Very thankful to our brother in Adam, a muslim man named Ilhom who helps us in all deliveries.








For donations:

St. John Give Hope Foundation 3829 Laurel Av 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11224